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Tanzania’s Tax Structure

Introduction Taxation is one of the oldest functions of a government in running government affairs. Apart from the cost of running the government, normally there are some services which have to be met by the state. Imperatively government have to provide social services, maintain law and order, ensure defense and a horde of other undertakings which the free market cannot provide or which the state feels are better provided by itself. In this regard the government has to raise revenues to cater for such expenses thus, government finance is all about budgeting the revenue and expenditure of government. The government financier normally has five sources to choose from namely : taxes, the sale of goods and services, grants, the creation of new money and borrowing. There is no universal formula of how the government should raise such revenue to cater for government expenses, but in most cases the government relies on taxes as a major means of raising such revenue. Therefore, out of the ...


Tax Planning

Tax Avoidance and Evasion

Tax Administration

Tanzania Tax Breaks Anger Legislators

East African Business Week - 4 days ago
Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) Commissioner General Rished Bade told members of PAC in Dar es Salaam last week that VAT relief accounted for about $ 409.41...

Bunge Team Pushes for Removal of VAT On NHC Houses - 2 weeks ago
THE Parliamentary Lands, Natural Resources and Environment Committee has reiterated its call to the government to scrap value added tax (VAT) on affordable...

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